Above the snow line

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We spent last night in Valcarlos after a beautiful day hiking up the valley. Clear skies and temperatures right around freezing made for good walking weather. We arrived in the mid afternoon, cooked our own dinner at the albergue, which only had one other guest a young Spaniard traveling on horseback from Catalonia to the Bay of Biscay. We were sound asleep at 8:30 and awoke at 7:30 for today´s walk to Roncesvalles. The weather again was cooperative and the early kilometers slipped past under partly cloudy skies and freezing temperatures. The valley walk is picutre perfect. Stunning scenery abounds. As Robin and I climbed up to the summit the snow started to fall. It was light and only dusted the landscape. We descended down into Roncesvalles (pop. 100), checked in at the Pilgrim office and got our bunks in the albergue. We did some washing and are now in La Posada, a bar/restaurant near the albergue, enjoying a well earned glass of wine or two. We will attend the pilgrim mass at the church tonight and call it quits. Hope to reach Zubiri tomorrow. All is well. Feet are holding up. No blisters. Our gear is well matched for the weather so no problems there. All in all, much to be thankful for.

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