Apologies for blog problems

I have been struggling the last few days with Blogsy, the app that I use to post to Blogspot.com. I have tried some work arounds but so far the best I can do is revert to using Blogger, which I hate because it does so little, and the little that it does, it does poorly. Not a ringing endorsement, I agree. So if multiple photos turn up, I am sorry. I just can’t seem to figure out how to delete them in Blogger, and quite honestly I am too tired to spend a lot of time researching it on the road. I’ll make the corrections once I am home. Once again my apologies. 


One thought on “Apologies for blog problems”

  1. No problem John and Robin. We're still enjoying the commentary and photos, no matter how many. Hope Blogsy gets working again for you. We'll be using it in a few months. Keep safe and healthy. Dayton and Karen


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