Day 49: Llanes to Ribadesella (30 kms)

Our morning walk

Our morning walk kept us close to the sea. The cool morning breezes were welcomed, as was the beautiful coastal scenery. We have walked many days that were 30+ kms, but today seemed tiring. The day was hot, 80F, and pockets of still air made that seem even hotter. Moving in, and around coastal towns, and beaches helped the morning pass by. By the time we walked through Naves, the path was definitely inland, and while there were frequent areas of shade (thank you very much), the final six kms into Ribadesella was open, hot, and hazy, (but off the road), and took forever (or so it seemed). We arrived tired and thirsty, but otherwise none the worse for wear. We have been cooling off, and planning our days ahead as we transition from the Norte to the Primitivo. Tomorrow we will have a short day, and walk to Colunga (17.2 kms). The next day we will walk to San Salvador de Valdediós (26 kms). Following that we will walk to Pola de Siero (19 kms), and finally we will walk to Oviedo (18.5 kms). Upon reaching Oviedo our plan is to take two days off, and then set off on the Primitivo. Feet don’t fail me now.

From this morning
I never seem to catch up
The roads we walk
A bit of shade on a hot day
Walking into Ribadesella



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