Feb 18, 2013 Seguiero to Santiago Day 5: Today it was uphill

Joining the Camino at Segueiro

We finally got to bed about 11:00 last night. We were trying to get our laundry dried and the dryer had decided that it would not be before eleven. Who can argue with a machine? The laundry finally arrived still warm from the dryer. We sorted it out and tried to get some sleep. Today was to be a short day at approximately 16 kms. Unfortunately, Robin just couldn’t fall asleep. I caught a few hours. We were both up at 6:00 to be on the Camino at 7:30 (it turned out to be 7:45). Our intent was to arrive in time to go to the Pilgrim Office, get our Compostela (certificate of completion), go to the 12:00 mass, and then check into our hotel. So, understanding we did not have a lot of distance to cover the lack of sleep should not have been a problem. But, as it turned out, it was a day of mostly climbing (somewhat of a surprise), and that taps pretty heavily into your energy reserves when it goes on for a bit, which it did.

Going up, again

But, despite the up and ups our plan came together, and we stood in front of the cathedral at 11:10. The weather was warm and dry. The trail conditions for this last section were quite good. There were a few low wet spots but they had workarounds readily available. I guess we were thinking today would be a coast into Santiago, but it wasn’t. The long climbs, just shy of steep kept us working to get to Santiago. No free lunch today. However you approach Santiago arrival day has its own unique excitement. Today was no different. So knowing that a nice hotel was awaiting us, and that we would be in our own beds by the weekend, we kept huffing and puffing to the finish line (smiling all the way). After mass we wandered over to the bar at the top of the Plaza Quintana, had a cold beer at an outside table, and just soaked in the warm sun. We are now back at the Parador with some champagne chilling in an ice bucket. Robin is having a long soak, in a hot tub, as I write this post. This chapter of our Camino life is now officially over. However, even as we long for the comfort of our own home, we understand that we will be back. So, I guess it is time to head for the ice bucket….

Cheers from Santiago and thanks for being with us on this (always remarkable) journey,

John and Robin

Back again
Which way?
Robin navigating
Finally a peek at the cathedral


6 thoughts on “Feb 18, 2013 Seguiero to Santiago Day 5: Today it was uphill”

  1. Congratulations _ I have enjoyed reading your 'Camino Ingles' blog as we will be starting out from Ferrol on the 20th June. If you have any more tips I'd love to hear them.
    Thank you again,


  2. Karen, Dayton,

    Thanks for “walking” with us on this very special journey. Your comments and encouragement were much appreciated. We shall look forward to following your Camino from Arles. I think that one is next on our list. Good luck and all the best.



  3. Mark,
    Thank you for your comment. I really don't have much more in the way of tips other than a recommendation for the Confraternity of St. James guide book which we used and found to be helpful. You will enjoy the route. Have fun.



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