Jan 1, 2013: Roncesvalles at last

We started out from Valcarlos in light rain showers that gradually transitioned to steady rain and then back to showers. Suffice it to say today was wet, very wet. The climbing went well for the first couple of hours and then as the path steepened we downshifted and just plodded along grabbing a rest break as needed (they were needed). I think I see value in scoring the quality of the day’s hike by the number of Advil I take. Today was a two pill day. My right knee wouldn’t cooperate without them. Once we arrived at the summit (Ibaneta) my knee was a happy camper again and allowed a more sprightly decent into Roncesvalles. We have picked up two more Korean guys and a Belgian. We all arrived soaked either from rain or sweat. The showers and sinks are doing great business getting us warm, clean and ready for tomorrow. We have been told that all the bars and restaurants are closed today (hmmmm). The staff was kind enough to provide a plate of bread, cheese and meat to stave off our hunger. We will be looking for a more filling solution once the great clean up is finished. Mass at 1800 with a pilgrim blessing, then the foraging will begin in earnest. All is well. Happy to leave the Pyrenees behind us as we start our decent into Zubiri tomorrow. I believe drier conditions are in the offing. Let’s hope.




4 thoughts on “Jan 1, 2013: Roncesvalles at last”

  1. I'm doing my first Camino in June 2013 so I'm keen to follow your journey. Why were the all of the bars/eateries closed? Someone had suggested I take a few freeze dried meals as a back up plan….hmmmm.


  2. It may have been wet but the photo of those misty hills looks wonderful! Colene, January 1st is a major public holiday in Spain so perhaps that is why the bars etc were closed…


  3. I was walking in the mountains with you yesterday, in spirit. I decided to greet the new year by hiking up Mt. Hood to Palmer Glacier with friends to watch the sunrise. Stunning. Buen Camino!


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