The Arles Route

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I am starting to research this route to identify what times of the year when risk outweighs reward. Robin and I would love to do it in the fall or early winter. We were very lucky with our Camino Frances this past winter as the weather was unusually clement. I suspect that bit of luck has now run its course and we therefore must expect, and plan for, a mountain winter with lots of snow and cold temps. The question is always how much snow and just how cold? One thing that I am realizing is that weather in these mountain ranges is absolutely unpredictable. We just want to be as sure as possible that the weather extremes at the time of year we travel will be survivable. No fools us. We are attracted to the road less traveled and I notice that this route seems to fit that bill. This can also be a point of concern as one might ask the question why that is the case. I need to better understand that. This route ends at Puente la Reina, but we would hope to continue on to Santiago and Finisterre as well. We shall see. We are in the early stages of our planning, but already I sense a growing restlessness to be back on the Camino. So for now I am enjoying the pre-camino planning, dreaming, and preparing that I find so compelling and encouraging. It is this interim of anticipation that gives us time to gather our strength, relish our dreams, and smile at the challenges. We shall see what reality comes later. But for now, we are beckoned, and at the end of each day, a prayer is offered that soon we will feel the good earth of the camino under our hiking boots once again.

4 thoughts on “The Arles Route”

  1. Hi again. We're back in Canada safe and sound after a great 6 weeks. We've also thought about walking the Arles route. We met lots of Pilgrims who started in Somport. We'll watch for your updates. Take care. Dayton and Karen


  2. Karen, Great to have you and Dayton back. You kept a terrific blog and by all accounts had a great trip. Thanks again for your volunteer work at the Albergue San Miguel (Estella).

    John and Robin


  3. Hi, Just wondering how your planning is going for the Arles route. Do you have a date yet? We're strongly considering it also, probably not before next spring though. Just wondering.

    Dayton and Karen


  4. Hi Karen,

    The long delayed post above answers your question. We are hoping to be back on the camino late in 2012 (October?). All is well and the Arles route still calls us. We just have to be patient (and that is very hard). Hope you and Dayton are both well.

    John and Robin


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