There is a longing in my heart

Robin and I saw the movie “The Way” yesterday and found ourselves dealing with a cascade of emotion as we were brought back to our time on the Camino. I particularly was drawn to a comment in the film that said no one walks the Camino by accident. I believe that is true. Yes, admittedly it is hard to understand just how all this would work when people walk the Camino for so many different reasons, but are those reasons really so different. Therein lies the mystery. Perhaps there is a connective thread of sorts that weaves its way through the many pilgrims and their personal journeys to and along the Camino. We have a Canadian friend, Daniel, who we met on the Camino, who would say that, regarding the Camino, we all start as walkers but finish as pilgrims. After his three Caminos I trust his wisdom on the subject. It is almost as though the prayers of all the saints and all the pilgrims past transform us as we make pilgrimage to Santiago. For people who have other views (or none) of religion or spirituality they try to resist this feeling because it is such an alien concept. But, with All Saints Day just around the corner I feel particularly connected to those who have proceeded us in this life especially those who, over the past thousand years, have made their way along the Camino. Whatever mindset you bring to the Camino the prayers of those many pilgrims past will be your constant companion and comforter even if you choose to believe that the many wonders of the Camino are just a bit of good luck.

5 thoughts on “There is a longing in my heart”

  1. Hi again. Good to read another post. Congrats on your retirement. We're both there as well. We hope to see The Way in a couple of weeks when its released in Canada. We probably won't return to Europe to walk before next Fall….I'm/we're still thinking of walking from Arles and stopping and serving again as hospitaleros in Arres (west of Somport) and then continuing to Puente La Reina. Keep posting. D&K


  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for checking in. I am curious about your choice of Arres. What is the attraction? I know next to nothing about that route, but will be working on that over the winter. Hope all is well. I must say again you write a great blog. Stay in touch.

    John and Robin


  3. There is no real attraction for Arres,its just on the route, a smaller alb. (16 beds), able to prepare a meal for pilgrims and is supposed to be a beautiful section, just after the Somport Pass. A friend stayed there and recommended. Nothing written in stone yet. It would enable us to walk and also volunteer without having to backtrack. Walk, vol., walk. Take care. D&K


  4. Glad to have found your lovely blog – I'm planning my first walk from SJP next year in June. I have to smile when I read how many people continue dreaming about and in fact continue planning future visits to Spain. Just confirms to me how right I am about planning my own pilgrimage. Somehow I just know it's going to be the first of many! Thank you for sharing your experiences!


  5. Hi Emilene,

    Welcome aboard, and you are very welcome. You are about to embark on what I believe will be the most pivotal experience of your life. Strengthen your body and open your heart to prepare for this remarkable pilgrimmage. Be mindful that Grace finds its way throught the smallest of openings. This is your peace to discover and embrace. The journey is not easy, but I assure you that it is doable, and you will not be disappointed. Let us know if we can answer any questions. We shall look forward to following your journey. I also agree that your first pigrimmage will not be your last. Enjoy the planning and preparations for that is part of the experience as well.

    Buen camino,
    John and Robin


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