What came to pass

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Why not do something uniquely different from anything we had done before? Reflecting back on our previous experience in Santiago de Compostela that could only mean walking the Camino, from St. Jean to Santiago. So, only somewhat aware of what we were about to embark on, we set our minds to this purpose, and over the course of more than a year made the necessary preparations of mind, body and purse to allow this to happen. This will be for us our first Camino, and very much an inner journey as well as one between places on a map. How many times have we all heard, about traveling, that it is not about the destination but rather the journey. It is how the time is spent in between departure and arrival that truly creates an opportunity for change, if you allow yourself to be open to change. Yes, we will be traveling during the dead of winter, but that has its advantages as well, fewer distractions, more contemplative time, and less competition for shelter at the end of the day (how’s that for positive spin). We are not minimizing the challenge. We have tried to prepare for it. There is no guarantee we will make it (lot’s of people do, yet some don’t). Many things can happen over the course of walking 500 miles that are absolutely unpredictable (much like life in any place, at any time) but try we must, and try we shall. However this turns out Robin and I are convinced our lives will be forever changed. What follows, over the coming weeks, will be the story of that journey, our Christmas Camino, set to begin on December 15th.

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