What have we missed?

Robin and I are very close to posting our slide show and are continuing to work on some further reflections on our recent “Christmas Camino”, but in the meantime it would be helpful if any reader has a question please leave a comment with your request and we shall attempt to answer it. I must restate that we are very sorry that we were not able to respond to the many kind and thoughtful comments posted while we were walking. Now that we are home we will be more responsive to comments and questions posted on this blog. You, our readers, have given us much encouragement and we are truly thankful for your willingness to share our journey and our enthusiasm for the Camino. We will be continuing to keep this site active as we look forward to our return to Spain and our next winter camino (summers are definitely out).


2 thoughts on “What have we missed?”

  1. Some of things I would find interesting are the things you learned about yourself on the trip (unless they are too personal of course) and the stuff that surprised you most-or didn't live up to your expectations.

    Probably the issue that fascinates me most about your trip is the lack of security in knowing that you will have a place to stay at the end of your day. You've talked about some-and it's amazing you were always able to find shelter.

    Another camino huh? Better not even THINK of taking Robin away at Christmastime again! 😉


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