The journey has begun

We encountered a few delays in leaving Portland, Oregon, heading to Amsterdam and then connecting to Bilbao (same day). But, once airborne the flight went smoothly. Both Robin and I find sleep is impossible when flying so we settle for something sleep like, an in between state of endless contortionist positions to try and bring brief relief to some part of our bodies. This mind numbing effort, that offers scant relief, only serves to dull the slow passage of time. Nonetheless we arrived in Bilbao and have found blessed comfort in an actual bed. Our night passed in fits and starts as sleep still proved elusive after a few hours of coma. Such is jet lag, but this too shall pass.

It is now just past 7am and soon we will be heading down to breakfast. Our plan for today is to stroll over to a nearby phone store and pick up some Spanish SIM cards, and then make our way to Loyola, the birthplace of St. Ignatius where our pilgrimage will begin bright and early on Wednesday morning. More on Loyola this afternoon. All is well and with one more day of rest we should be quite ready to start our journey through the Basque mountains. We are anxious to get underway. The weather locally has been dry and mild but there have been some recent serious snowfalls and sub-freezing temperatures over a wide swath of Spain. This time of year we always run the risk of encountering potentially trip interrupting weather. We will keep a weather eye out and be cautious. Signing off from Bilbao (a city Robin and I truly enjoy).

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