A lay day in Agurain


The weather (snow) has cancelled today’s walk to Alda. We have learned our lesson regarding snow. Instead we have taxi’d to nearby Agurain where our good friend Zazpi lives. We have booked into a very nice, and very warm casa rural. Today was spent wandering through this medieval walled town, visiting churches, doing a bit of shopping (more on that later), and then of course lunch (Spaniards are big on lunch). All in all it was just another day to rest and recover. We feel fine now and are looking forward to tomorrow’s stage from Alda to Genevilla. Our two best local friends Zazpi and Josemari will join us for that stage. Zazpi and his lovely wife, Esther, drove over to San Roman last night to welcome us back to Euskadi (Basque Country). We shared a drink and related our tale of woe from Zumarra to Arantzazu. Just before they left, Esther gave us a gift of a jar of honey that her brother makes. It was delicious, but the jar must have weighed 3 pounds. There was no way this honey was being left behind. Now what to do? Back to the shopping. We needed some light weight containers, now where to find them. As there was no large supermarket nearby we were relegated to making do with the local shops. We were not opposed to buying something and then emptying that something out just to have the container. But a chance visit to a pharmacy saved the day. We bought two baby formula bottles and will transfer the honey into them. Once again Robin’s Korean creative thinking  came to the rescue. We now have the containers but as this will be a messy process some bread and wine are  also required to ensure a proper transfer. I shall update with a photo later. All is well and we will resume our pilgrimage tomorrow. We have discovered that we are in fact resilient, and thank God for that. Off to the Camino in the morning.  Good night from a chilly Agurain.

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