The long and winding road.

We caught a ride from Genevilla to Lapoblación with Guy, our host in Genevilla. It was a crisp bright morning that was perfect for walking. Starting from Lapoblación made today’s walk 20 kms instead of 28,  and that was just fine with us. We said goodbye to Guy and headed off towards Laguardia, the center of a huge wine producing area in Rioja. The temperature started out in the upper 30’s F. And then rose to the mid 40’s. We soon headed off the main road and followed a trail that hung low and close to a mountain range that steered us towards Laguardia. It was just as we were descending from this trail that we spotted the hilltop town of Laguardia off in the distance. We knew from previous experience that it might look close but…there were still some kms to go. The road just seemed determined to bend and turn and twist so that the distance to go just seemed to taunt you. But, alas we did shuffle uphill into Laguardia and into our hotel for the night. This time of year many businesses take their holiday breaks so it was a quiet scene that unfolded as we walked the streets doing a bit of shopping. But we are now back in the warmth of our hotel enjoying a few pintxos and some wine. The accompanying pictures will say more than whatever words I might string together. It was a very fine day and Robin and I continue to count our blessings. We will be in Logroño tomorrow and then will head off two days later to Pomferrada to start the Camino Invierno. All is well.


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