Afoot amongst the vineyards

Yesterday, after a nice evening in Laguardia, Robin and I set out to walk to Navarrete, about 20kms further south. The day was forecasted to be a bit warmer with expected temperatures in the mid 50’s. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and finally got underway around 10am. As we stepped out of our hotel we were buffeted by a cool gusty wind that was to keep us company for most of the day. We made our way through and out of Laguardia and onto the Camino trail to Navarrete with just a little gps help.

We could see, from our vantage point to the far distant snow capped peaks, nothing but vineyards. I think I could be happy here. So off we went, following what was pretty much a service road for the many acres of vines. It was a pleasant walk under sunny skies. Our plan was to arrive in Navarrete and then catch a cab to Logroño where we were to spend two nights before heading off to Ponferrada to start the Camino Invierno. Robin was feeling some pain in her right foot, but onward we went to the village of Lapuebla de la Barca where we crossed the Rio de Ebro. We shuffled along to the next village of Fuenmayor where we pulled over for a coffee. We were, at this point, about 4 kms from Navarrete and Robin’s foot needed a rest. Fortunately we were able to catch a bus just around the corner from where we had coffee and off we went in grand fashion to Logroño. We are now comfortably tucked away in a very nice hotel (Hotel Calle Mayor), enjoying our rest days. We have discovered it is not easy to get from here to Ponferrada either by bus or train so we are going to rent a car and hit the road in the morning. That’s the plan for now. Let’s see how this plays out. More tomorrow, hopefully from Ponferrada. Now back to relaxing.

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