On the road to Ponferrada


Today was a repositioning day. We had to get from Logroño to Ponferrada and the only viable option was by rental car. So after another delightful breakfast at the Hotel Calle Mayor we called a taxi to take us to the train station and the Avis rental car agency. 30 minutes later and many euros lighter we were wending our way through Logroño to get to the freeway that would eventually take us to Ponferrada. The gps was set up and Google maps handled the rest. A previous road trip in Spain proved quite costly when I received an invoice for some photo radar speeding tickets. I duly paid them and made a mental note to, in the future, just stay at the speed limit. So that’s what I did, and lo and behold, we arrived safe and sound in Ponferrada around 2:30pm. Of course the rental car agency was closed for siesta when we arrived so we headed off to our hotel with Google maps screaming course changes by the second in the tight confines of the old town. Nonetheless we arrived unscathed but a little rattled from all the “where the hell are we moments” we hadas we drove down one alley after another in search of our elusive hotel.  But a few hours have now passed and we are in a much better state of mind. In fact the number one restaurant (trip advisor) is right next door. Things are looking up. All this aside we are looking forward to starting the Camino Invierno tomorrow. Now let’s see what happens. Ciao for now.


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