An up and down day


Robin and I emerged from our room at the Hotel Rural O Palleiro in the pre-dawn half light gingerly negotiating stairs hidden in shadows. We carefully made our way to Isabel’s welcoming and warm dining room where breakfast awaited us. It was the usual toast, cake, juice and coffee, but the coffee was served French style in a bowl instead of a cup. Isabel, who was born in France, and lived there for 21 years, simply stated a cup was too small. Who could argue as we nosed into our coffee bowls. Our amigo, Saturno, from yesterday arrived on schedule at 8:30 to return us to Borrenes where we would continue with today’s walk to Puente Domingo Florez. As we arrived back in Borrenes Saturno dashed off to his hotel and returned with two Camino Invierno pins for our backpacks. Apparently Saturno and his wife Marisol are very active on the Camino Invierno Facebook page. Robin recently joined and posted some pictures and they were thrilled to have her as a new member.

It was just about 9:00 when all farewells were made and we set off once again on the road to Santiago. It really was a simple day. All we had to do was climb for half the day (to just past the village of Medulas) and then descend for the other half down to the river at Puente Domingo Florez. The path, once again, was very well marked. We walked over a mix of senda, forest tracks and quiet rural paved roads. No problems and quite enjoyable. The first two days of this Camino are being scored very high for beauty, signage, and services. If this continues we might never go home. Having a fabulous Camino. More later.



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