Up she rises

This blog has been dormant for a year. My last postings covered our walk along the Camino Invierno in January, 2018. Oddly enough, we are heading to the Portland airport in a few hours to head back to Spain and walk the Invierno once again. It is a beautiful walk and it is short enough (260 kms) to fit nicely into our current schedule. So with rekindled excitement, as another Camino approaches, I have shaken the dust off my blog and will, once again, offer up some commentary as our journey progresses.

For those who are contemplating doing this Camino, here is how we are getting to Ponferrada. We are taking Delta non stop from Portland (PDX) to Amsterdam. We arrive at 8:35 am, and connect to KLM non stop to Bilbao at 2:30 pm the same day. A six hour layover is a drag, but we opted to pay for the use of the KLM Crown Lounge to more comfortably pass the time. We will spend one night in Bilbao and leave the following morning at 9:40 from the Bilbao-Abando train station for a 6.5 hour journey to Ponferrada. We have some friends in Ponferrada so we will spend a couple of nights there and then set out on the Camino Invierno on January 16th. We are planning on arriving in Santiago in 11-12 days. So, that is the morning briefing for today. More to come later once we arrive in Spain.

7 thoughts on “Up she rises”

  1. Buen camino. I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences. Have a blessed journey and may God accompany your steps.

    I am also heading to begin walking in Tuscany on Via Francigena. Leave Monday, start walking on January 16th in San Miniato for about 12 days. Will post on Rosa’s Journey fb page. My first winter camino.


  2. YEA!!!!!!!! Great to hear you two are walking again. A proper winter’s not complete without following the two of you sloggin’ it out across Spain. Blessings for a safe and fruitful Camino.

    Dayton and Karen


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