Finding peace

Much is made of the necessity of finding peace in this crazy world we call home. We all live in cultures where the give and take of everyday life seems to ensure that peace will never be found. Yet, once we are removed from the stressors that trigger our anxieties a simpler life can emerge. I guess that is what continues to draw Robin and I back to the Camino. For it is here, on the road to Santiago, that life finds a special peaceful quality that seems hard to replicate back home. So with rucksacks strapped on and a simple itinerary we find great joy and peace as we move along whatever Camino route we are walking. This realization is admittedly addictive, compelling, but also challenging for it seems we only find this rare combination of life enhancements in the empty space created by things we have left behind. Yes, it is at best a work in progress, but hour after hour this is the work we now willingly embrace and truthfully enjoy.

Arrived safely at Puente de Domingo Florez after a splendid walk in a thawing sun. Much to be thankful for.

4 thoughts on “Finding peace”

  1. Dear John, such beautiful thoughts of what compels you and Robin to return to a camino each year….coming from these challenging times in our own country….I have no astute words to share….however, much understanding and kindred thoughts of being there more often! I love that you share your days, hours and blessed times together on the Camino!
    Blessings, Caro Thompson


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