A bit more like winter

Light snow greeted us this morning as we made our way across the street to the El Torre bar where we warmed ourselves with coffee and a roaring pellet stove. We had a somewhat restless night last night and as a result did not get up until 8:00. It was a bit later than usual but some days that is what it takes. We got underway at 9:40, shuffling off into the still morning air with hoods up against the falling snow. The day was perfectly quiet allowing lots of time to think things through. Today’s stage was mostly on a nicely prepared trail with little to no mud. All day we kept close company with the Sil River from Puente Domingo Flórez to O Barco de Valdeorras climbing and descending with the changing terrain. We called into the Bar Mar in Sobradelo for a coffee. The owners there are very nice people who appreciate pilgrim business. From there it was a straight shot to O Barco where we enjoyed another great meal at the restaurant Casa Galaica. We grabbed a taxi from there to the Hotel Calzada in Arcos where we are now safely and warmly tucked in. Off to A Rúa tomorrow (short day). All is well.

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