We blinked and then arrived

There are days that require some creative thinking regarding how far to walk. Today was one of those days. In order to avoid an unnecessarily long walk to Quiroga we broke it up into two stages. As we have limited choices as to where we can find lodging we opted to stay in A Rúa de Valdeorras just 8 kilometers from last night’s hotel in Arcos. So just about the time we were loosening up our legs we arrived. But, although short it was a beautiful, peaceful walk along the banks of the River Sil. We departed luxuriating underneath our umbrella canopies and enjoying occasional mountain views through breaks in the mist that shrouded the valley. We arrived with umbrellas furled as the steady rain eventually gave way to simply cloudy skies. We pushed on into town to a bar we had visited before. We ordered two beers, Estrella Galicia, and in keeping with Spanish tradition, they arrived with some free nosh. Today it was potato chips and small plates of tripe and chickpea stew (quite tasty). Suitably restored we headed up towards the Camiño trail out of town and our lodging for tonight the Casa Rural Pacio do Sil. We are now dry, warm and awaiting some vino and other delights. With my Spanish ordering food always conjures a bit of mystery. But, so far so good as we continue to inch our way along the Invierno to Santiago.

5 thoughts on “We blinked and then arrived”

  1. How do you like your hiking umbrella? I’ve thought about it because I wear glasses and end up taking them off in rain. Is it a pain to unhook it, when you have to stop to relieve yourself in the woods? Or does it stay put when you take your pack off?



    1. We typically stow one hiking pole under the shoulder harness and hold the umbrella in that free hand while still using the other pole. We have no magic connection that allows you to walk free handed. I can’t imagine anything that would work in higher winds. We have walked many miles using our system and have never had any problems. We never leave home without our umbrellas.


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