High above the river

Today we continued with our new Camino philosophy that basically states that we do not have to walk every step of any Camiño, but we must try to enjoy every step we take. So far that is working just fine. So today we took a taxi to our jump off point at Montefurado, and after 5 hours walking we reached our lodging for tonight the improbably named Hotel Las Vegas. This is in the village of San Clodio just beyond Quiroga.

Today’s walk was another stunner. Most of the time were on a secondary road the LU 933. It was very quiet, with no traffic, and a nice soft shoulder to walk on. It also followed a route high above the Sil River granting us some spectacular views. We lucked out with the weather and felt only a very few sprinkles over the course of the day. We encountered a few boar hunters, heard the baying dogs and the occasional rifle shot. Other than that it was a very pleasant and quiet day.

As we entered Quiroga we were looking forward to lunch at the Restaurante Aroza. We ate there a year ago and it was wonderful, but as today was Sunday, it was closed. However, a kind, local gent took us under his wing and off we trotted (literally) to another restaurant that he knew was open every day. A few moments later (only a few due to our high speed of advance) he led us into the Bar Chapakuna, on Calle Rio Lor, and briefed the barman that we needed a good feed. We thanked him for his kindness and for allowing us to get in a good sprint before lunch, and off he trotted.

Lunch was a wonderful menu del día. The huge plates of well prepared food (first and second courses), four draft beers, no desert (no room) and two cortados con gotas (small coffee with a few drops of spirits) came to a total of 24 euros for both Robin and I. Quite a bargain (see the attached photos, and you be the judge. Another fine day on the road to Santiago. Might have to walk a little further tomorrow 😉.

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