Beam me up

The Hotel Las Vegas was a bit of a disappointment. The people running the place were friendly and accommodating but it offered little but a very basic room. The bar opened early but only for coffee and plastic wrapped sweets. Robin and I sat in the very dimly lit bar, had a coffee, and shoved off. As we walked out of town we passed three other bars that had lights on and seemed to be doing better business. Putting all that behind, the day broke beautifully with mild temperatures and scattered clouds. So, off we went knowing today would be a climbing day. It was only a short distance later that we crossed under the N-120 and started up. In the next 1.5 hours we climbed about 1800 feet through dead silent forest (well there were a few birds welcoming us). Beautiful. The day unfolded with long flat walks cut into shaded valley slopes, more descents and more steep climbs and finally a long flat section that brought us out of the rough and onto the final descent into Pobre do Brollon. It was a gorgeous day, well spent, but also tiring. This is a huff and puff stage that makes you earn every kilometer that you walk. But, so well worth it.

We called into the Pirate Bar, had a beer to cut the trail dust and asked the lady at the bar to call us a taxi to take us to Monforte de Lemos where we have booked into the Hotel Cardenal. The Hostal as Viñas where we stayed last year has closed and carrying on to Monforte made good sense. So, at day’s end we are, once again in good hands. Our laundry is whirling around in a nearby lavendería. we had another hearty Galician lunch, and all is set for our departure tomorrow for Diomondi, just before Chantada. The Casa Rural San Estevo will be our home for tomorrow night. Ian and Irene our hosts kindly offer to pick up pilgrims at the church in Diomondi and we are looking forward to staying with them again. The journey continues and we are so thankful for that.

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