Finding our Miño

I ducked out of the Hotel Cardenal just after breakfast to track down a new pair of gloves to replace a pair I left somewhere in Pobre de Brollon. I got lucky and discovered a sporting goods store just around the corner. Once I had the gloves sorted out I remembered we needed two stamps per day for our pilgrim credentials starting in Monforte. Right across from the sporting goods store was a bar, so in I went for a quick cortado and out I walked with our credentials stamped, and a fresh coffee buzz.

Back at the hotel we leisurely gathered our gear together and eased out the front door around 11:00. We took a taxi 3.5 kms to A Vide and began walking from there. We did this to avoid ploughing through city streets and avoiding shoulder walking on the feeder road out of the city. Last year we did the same thing but we had an added enticement, thick fog. All things to consider as you plan your day.

Our walk today was all on quiet paved roads. Some off road sections were available, but due to the weather we opted for less mud and more pavement. There really wasn’t much to it. We just moved along chugging uphill for the first 5 miles and then a long flat section before dipping into Diomondi. We had some beautiful views of the Miño valley despite the rainy weather.

Our host for the night, Ian, kindly picked us up at the church in Diomondi and ran us downhill to the beautiful Casa San Estevo. Here we met his wife, Irene, at the door and our day was complete. Well, almost for a bit later Irene served a lovely dinner, which along with some enjoyable conversation and a sampling of some tasty orujos, truly completed our day. We are dry, warm and well fed in this beautiful home cared for by a very special couple. Thank you Irene and Ian for welcoming us once again. Now it’s off to bed.

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