Still inching along

We awoke this morning to another splendid day. Clear skies and temps in the upper 50’s. Later in the day temps rose to the mid 70’s. The NW’ly wind of yesterday was still there but less boisterous than forecasted. We taxied ahead to try and create around a 16-18 km day, but in fact it seemed to be more like 20.

In any event we held together and chugged along enjoying the beautiful coastal views, fresh air and simply reveling that we are able to walk. A few aches and pains remain but compared to not that many days ago this was a significant improvement. Robin is in very good spirits which also means I am as well. We had a splendid day’s walk and still had some steam in the engine when we crossed the threshold of the Hotel Suave Mar in Esposende.

Fortunately the hotel restaurant was still serving lunch so we quickly ducked in to see what was on the menu. For me a grilled dorado with veggies, and for Robin spaghetti with meat sauce. This was all chased down with another outstanding Portuguese Albariñho from the Moncão region near the Spanish border east of Tui. So in short our cautious optimism has been ratcheted up a notch and we feel as though our old Camino legs have been resurrected. Let’s hope that is the case. I will let you know more about that tomorrow after or walk to Viana do Castelo. Oh, and btw we traveled in pretty solid company today with a couple of dozen pilgs shuffling along the boardwalk with us. Lot’s of German being spoken.

One thought on “Still inching along”

  1. Coastal, beautiful, indeed!!
    Robin, you are looking invigorated & great~!
    Happy Camino each day!!😍


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