Continuing to improve

Another blue sky day greeted us as we departed Esposende. We jumped ahead to the village of Belinho which was to give us about a 17 km day. We started walking at 10:00 and arrived at our hotel in Viana do Castelo at 3:00. We did take a half hour lunch break, but it seemed like we should have covered more ground in 4.5 hours of walking. But who knows.

The important point is that we continue injury free and with just a few aches that are normal and manageable. So put that aside and let’s talk about the route. It is a truly enjoyable Camino. We have been most pleased with the path, the signage and the beauty of the land. We do notice a somewhat more mellow attitude with pilgrims on this Camino. Perhaps it has something to do with less stress regarding lodging. In any event everyone seems to be moving along in good form and in good spirits. We encountered our first few climbs of this Camino today. Nothing strenuous but a good proving ground for Robin’s back as we push onward. Happy to report that all went well. For now we are relaxing in a local bar next door to the lavendaría awaiting our laundry to finish up. All is well.

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