Our journey continues

We had a short beautiful day’s walk from Vila Praia de Ãncona to A Guarda. An early morning start helped us with the heat as we made our way out of town towards Caminha where we would cross the Minho into Spain. We moved along enjoying the coastal views as the day progressed. We saw a few pilgrims but not as many as before. But, for us, it was pleasantly quiet. We had the coastal wind keeping us alert, but absent that we had a quiet path to to the Minho ferry.

Arriving in Caminha, a bustling border village, we quickly found the ferry terminal. At the bar we were told we could catch a skiff across the Minho in just a minute for the same price as the ferry. So off we went and a few minutes later were in Spain

Once in Spain we followed the Camino path into A Guarda and settled into our hotel. We have now finished with lunch, our laundry is done and now we are just strolling along the sea front enjoying the end of the day.

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