Some quiet time by the sea

We stepped out of our hotel, the Convento San Benito, in A Guarda into another clear morning. A nice cool sea breeze made our departure that much more comfortable as we climbed up and out of town. Today proved to be a very quiet day. We only encountered a few pilgrims and other than a huge motorcycle club (100+) passing by and a rather good sized cycling club all was rather peaceful. A good portion of today’s walk was by the water and that continued to bless us with some cool sea air throughout the day. We chatted with an American from Boston for awhile. He was stopping in Oia for the day so we pulled over for some refreshments as well. It is a pretty, but very small, seaside town that had just absorbed two buses of tourists as we entered the village. It was like an army on maneuvers but less regimented. But the beauty of walking the Camino is that you can just walk on. Which is exactly what we did. An hour later we arrived in Viladesuso, and our hotel for the night, the Casa Verde. We were greeted at the reception by a pleasantly vivacious young lady who spoke excellent English. As she checked us in we inquired about laundry service (fingers crossed) and bingo she gave us the good news that they provide a laundry service for 6 euros. She said it would be done in two hours and it was. When one arrives soaked in sweat finding a lavandaría or a hotel laundry service is a gift from heaven. So far we have been lucky. So no smelly pilgrims. Yea.

While the laundry was being done we slipped into the dining room for a lunch of pulpo (after all we are in Galicia), grilled vegetables, and a grilled veal chop (huge). We are now horizontal waiting for the sun to ease off a bit. I think a stop at the bar, a bit later, for a glass of wine to enjoy while viewing what should be another beautiful sunset is very much in order. Such is the pilgrim life. Buenas noches from Galicia.

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