Race day

Today we set out for the port city of Baiona. It was foggy overnight but it slowly withdrew out to sea as the morning warmed up. We took a little diversion from the main road to Baiona, but rejoined it a half hour later. As we were coming up to the road a few bicycles flew by and then a few more and then a torrent of flashy race bikes crowded the road. We couldn’t quite make out what was going on but the road was closed for whatever this competition was. We carried on along the road’s multi-use path and enjoyed the sights until we departed to head inland over a hill that took us to Baiona.

We enjoyed a cooler day and pleasant walking conditions, chatted briefly with one Australia couple who had a small gas cooker out making tea (go figure), and found ourselves walking into Baiona around 12:30. Once in town it became clear that the bike race was actually just part of a Triathlon competition based in Baiona. We scooted around assorted barricades and taped off areas and climbed the hill leading to the Parador our lodging for tonight. Lots of folks in finery at the Parador. Perhaps it was a wedding. Also there was some classic car rendezvous going on as well.

On a side note the Camino baggage transfer services got jammed up in the Triathlon road closures so a lot of pilgrim luggage was circling Galicia as we headed out to the lavandaría to wash our pilgrim finery. Another fine day. Rain is now in the forecast starting tonight. Tomorrow we shall rig for the rain and head out to Vigo. All is well.

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