Off to Vigo

We enjoyed a nice stay in Baiona, had a hearty breakfast and then grabbed a taxi to move along a bit. No particular reason, just felt a bit lazy. We jumped out of the taxi at Priegue, saddled up and started off uphill. We made our way up through a beautiful eucalyptus forest with lots of tree cover. It was just wonderful. This part of today’s walk was, by far, the best. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, so to did the forest path. Now we were entering the outskirts of Vigo, Galicia’s largest city. Onward we trod along city sidewalks that never seemed to end. Eventually we were directed into some quieter areas but in the end it was back pounding out the kms on busy city sidewalks. It took us about 2 hours to get to our hotel from the time we first hit the outer suburbs. So at 2:15 we walked in the door of the NH Hotel Collection Vigo.

This was supposed to be a short day but the city transit sorted that out. None the worse for wear, we checked in, found a lavandarĂ­a just around the corner, and still were able to slip into the dining room and order lunch just before the siesta break at 4:00. All went well. We have since strolled about the town, visited the church of Santiago, enjoyed a glass of cava in the leafy Praza Compostela, picked up some water for tomorrow, and finally made our way back to our hotel where we are now horizontal. Another day done. Rain tomorrow for sure, but only in the morning. Having fun, and enjoying this Camino. Talk tomorrow from Redondela.

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