The Senda de Auga

Rain was pouring down as we threw back the drapes this morning, but as luck would have it clearing was on the way. We lingered over breakfast to give the rain a chance to pass through. It worked out just fine. By the time we were ready to get underway there were patches of blue sky emerging.

Again we opted for a lift out of the city center and found ourselves atop a steep hill at an intersection with a walking path marked as the Senda de Auga. Yes that was how it was spelled. Whatever it was called it was our Camino path for today and it was splendid. It basically was a level ridge that went from the eastern edge of Vigo to almost Redondela. It was a stable, well maintained and tree shaded path that made the short walk to Redondela quite pleasant. We had been in Redondela before when we came up the central route, but today’s approach was so much nicer. Close to perfect. We once again checked into the Alvear Suites Apartments and found a lavandarĂ­a just around the corner. All is well with laundry and lunch behind us. Now we are in a corner bar a few steps from our apartment catching up with our correspondence and simply relaxing. Off to Pontevedra tomorrow. Lots of pilgrims now joining from the Portuguese central route, fewer ( it seems) from the coastal route.

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