Central meets coast

In keeping with my comments from yesterday we are now awash with pilgrims who have joined from the Central Route. The apartment we booked in Redondela was right on the Camino so we got a good view this morning (from above) of the many pilgs setting out. It wasn’t a herd but it was certainly more than just a few.

We had a very quick light breakfast and the headed for the corner bar for tea and coffee. This is how it begins, once again, another day on the Camino. It is a mass of bodies, bicycles, and God knows what all setting out for another day on the road to Santiago. It is truly a colorful and remarkable sight.

Robin and I experienced some déja vu today as we had previously walked the Central Route and many parts of today’s walk flashed back. It was a pleasant day made better by taking the advice of a trinket vendor who recommended taking the alternate route to the left after reaching the Chapel of Santa Marta. This took us under tree cover and followed a stream right into Pontevedra. Brilliant.

Once into the city we googled the Parador and set our sights on a rest and a hot shower. We weren’t disappointed. We have now accomplished all the post walk rituals and even had a nice lunch with an old pilgrim friend from Toronto, who happened to be in town. Tomorrow we are off to Caldas de Reis and a very nice two night stay at the very comfortable Torre de Rios. We could get used to this. More tomorrow after our walk in the rain.

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