One more day

We had a nice start to today’s walk. It was cooler so light jackets were a welcomed addition to our kit for the day. There was a pretty steady stream of pilgs setting out from Caldas de Reis, but the line stretched out and everyone seemed to find a bit of space which was quite nice. I would rather listen to birdsong and the wind in the trees than be an unwilling participant in a noisy group conversation. People need to learn that silence can be a very important part of the Camino. But, everyone comes at the Camino with their own needs and perspectives. So, I just try to take it all in stride and enjoy each day’s walk as it comes. Admittedly, some days are better than others.

But, today was pretty good. Robin and I felt strong and were walking well. We were not in any hurry but seemed to adopt a nice sustainable pace that ran the kilometers down without diminishing the fun aspect of walking the road to Santiago.

The village bars all seemed to be doing great pilgrim business with all tables filled while the overflow sipped a coffee, juice or beer while leaning against a wall. Lot’s of smiling faces were seen in animated conversations as people probably were realizing what they have almost accomplished. Many Camino journeys would be coming to an end tomorrow, but for some Santiago would just be a waypoint on a longer journey. Well done, in advance, to them all.

Robin and I certainly share those same sentiments, and our minds were also busily shaping our own arrival plans. But, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We still have one day’s walk to go, yet we can’t help but be thankful for the good walk we have enjoyed to date. It has been a wonderful Camino. More from Santiago tomorrow.

P.S. you might have noticed a change in the level of lodging from yesterday to today. It all works, and we are grateful for both. Cheers from Padrón.

One thought on “One more day”

  1. Love your attitude….non judgemental…enjoying YOUR Camino…respectful of others…..That’s the Camino we treasure.


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