We arrived here yesterday in the early afternoon. We taxied from the train station to our hotel, got checked in and then headed out for a bit of a walk around and some lunch. Robin had discovered an Indian restaurant, Bollywood, close to the port, so off we went. The old town of Cádiz is quite small and can be circumnavigated afoot in a couple of hours. Yesterday’s goal was lunch followed by some bario exploring on our way back to the hotel. Our Indian restaurant was just what we needed and probably a bit more if you count the number of dishes but what can I say. When in Cádiz…. Once we waddled out of Bollywood we made it a point to try to log some extra blocks on our way home. It was fun and the weather was cooperating so our extended bario stroll was a great success. After a good night’s sleep and a late and leisurely hotel breakfast we set out for our circumnavigation of Cádiz. We left the Parador and made a right turn (easter’ly) and set off along the seafront for the Plaza de España and then from there continuing clockwise to points yet unknown. There was a strong wind blowing today from the NW and even with a forecasted high of 62 F a light down jacket felt just right. We ambled along snapping photos and just enjoying a lazy day under sunny skies in a new and fascinating city. We eventually made our way to the Cathedral that while immense and beckoning offered no way inside. All was buttoned up sadly and tightly. We did take a look at the excavation of a Roman theater next door to the Cathedral. An interesting visit and another reminder of the extensive Roman presence on the Iberian peninsula. Now that the cultural part of the day was satisfied we continued along the beach until we were quite close to our hotel. Off to our right we spotted a street that looked filled with Sunday revellers. We peeled off from the sea front and investigated. Clearly this was a local neighborhood weekend outing. The bars were brimming over with patrons in search of food and drink. It was festive, convivial and fun. We made a lap around the block and stepped into the organized madness of the Taberna Casa Manteca. I have included a short video to help you get a feel for a Sunday afternoon in Cádiz In short, it was great. We shared good food and drinks with strangers (now new friends) and made a mental note to cancel any thoughts of dinner tonight. We did eventually head for home, but the joy of our raucous lunch walked with us. What fun. We are now back at the hotel snapping sunset photos and reviewing our day. We are off to Seville tomorrow midday and two days later we shall emerge, once again, as pilgrims on the road to Santiago. More later from Seville. Buenas noches.

Day begins

A seriously large and ancient magnolia tree
Sea spray on the seafront
Plaza de España just to the left

Spanish constitution was signed in Càdiz in 1812

When you see one of these head to an exit
Where galleon gold came to rest
Càdiz Cathedral
Ambling along
Roman theater, cheap seats

Cathedral from the seafront

A passing courtyard

Narrow old town streets

Lunch is getting closer

Taberna Casa Manteca, our lunch stop

And so it went on a Sunday afternoon

Leaving town
View from our room

5 thoughts on “Cádiz”

  1. long ago, it seems we wanted to start the Plata in Cadiz. I don’t know why we didn’t. Maybe fearful of insects walking so close to the river. After looking at your photos, I wish we had. enjoy the Camino from Seville. will be checking on you. stu


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