Our two days in Sevilla have come to an end. We have had a nice visit but have found ourselves ready to slip into the peregrino mode and hit the bricks. We stayed at the same hotel we did when here in 2015, the Vincci Rabida. It is quiet, clean, and quite close to the Cathedral. No complaints. A special bonus this trip was to rendezvous with two friends from home, Dianne and Bruce, who have been expatting in Spain for the past year. They are members of our Portlandia Pilgrim group and have recently walked the Camino Frances for a second time. It was a fun afternoon over a couple of copas and beers catching up with their many first hand experiences of living abroad. Great folks and intrepid travelers. We wish them all the best.

Waving goodbye to our friends we set off to see if we could get our credentials stamped at the Cathedral. Come back in the morning was the message we received. We had turned up close to 4pm and that wasn’t working. We were told that the doors open for visits to the Cathedral at 11:00, but if you just needed a stamp on your credential we were led to believe you could come earlier like around 9:00, and someone would assist you. The following morning we went to the post office and sent our small suitcase (street clothes) to Santiago. We purchased a box (Cajal verde) and the suitcase slipped in perfectly. All that and a three day delivery cost just 28 euros. The box and our suitcase will be (fingers crossed) conveniently waiting for us at our hotel in Santiago. We are now officially pared down to only Camino essentials. Truthfully, that feels just fine.

Leaving the Post Office we crossed the street and turned up at the Cathedral entrance queue just after 11:00 and went, as directed, to the head of the entrance ticket line and got our sellos. The counter lady was kind enough to also allow us to purchase entrance tickets without having to go back to the end of the line. BTW, even for January the line was quite long. Lot’s of Koreans. Robin explained that Korea has an extended winter school break and many people use that time to escape Korea’s bitter winter cold and travel. As luck would have it we located a nice Korean restaurant not far from the Plaza de España and slipped in for a little “Seoul” food. It was quite good. We finished our afternoon with a stroll through the Plaza de España and a walk along the river back up to our hotel. Now we are doing the final washing and repacking getting ready for an early departure in the morning. Our plan is to taxi to Guillena and then walk to Castilblanco de los Arroyos for our first stage. We have enjoyed beautiful weather since we landed in Spain , but that will change tomorrow. A harsh winter storm is now lashing parts of Spain. However, I think we will escape the worst of it with just a bit of rain, but more on that tomorrow.

So that catches us up for now. I am actually looking forward to posting from Spain as a peregrino instead of a tourist. Time to shift gears. Hasta luego.

Arriving Sevilla
Cathedral from our hotel

Friends from home, Dianne and Bruce
Street scenes

View from our patio
Inside the Cathedral
High alter, Cathedral
My tour guide

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Cathedral courtyard

In the Juderia
Plaza de España with fleet in dry dock

Along the river

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