A Wet Day to Castilblanco

We set off from Sevilla by taxi to Guillena where we started our Camino. Skipping the first stage of out of Sevilla for us makes perfect sense. The area you transit through is mostly urban sprawl with a few shakey neighborhoods to boot. Nothing to miss unless you wanted to divert to the Roman ruins in Italica. Anyhow, we we arrived in Guillena around 8:45 and were soon underway for Castilblanco. The weather forecast proved accurate with a continuous light rain falling throughout the day. Yes, it was muddy and slippery but all went well as we gently climbed through olive and tangerine orchards towards our destination. We saw no people all day but we did have a staring contest with a few cows. We blinked first. Upon arriving in Castilblanco and checking into the Hotel Castillo Blanco we did see a young Spanish pilg checking in. He was our only pilgrim sighting for the day. Our plan tomorrow is to get a lift to the entrance of the Parque Natural (about 17 kms from our hotel) and walk from there to Almendén where we will spend the night. This move keeps us off a very narrow shouldered road and will give my aching knee a chance to get with the program. Currently sitting in a rural Spanish bar filled with kids and folks all getting on with their lives as we are getting on with ours. All is well, thank God.

Setting out
Life is good on the Camino

The trail ahead
Follow the yellow arrow

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