In Mérida

We continue to move along the Via de la Plata at our own pace and in our own way. We spent a restful night in Villafranco de los Barros. Our hotel was run by a young Romanian expat who did a wonderful job taking care of whatever we needed. He also arranged a taxi for us to go to Torremejía. This made yesterday’s walk a very manageable 15.3 kms. The only wrinkle was the muddy trail conditions. Recent wet weather had left the trail, that winds by many long stretches of cultivated fields, pretty soggy.

Nonetheless, off we went slip sliding away towards Mérida. Truth be told, we eventually found dryer trail conditions and the last 5-6 kms into Mérida were much better. It was nice to cross Mérida’s iconic Roman bridge once again and enter the city. Our first port of call was a quiet bar on the Plaza de España where Robin and I enjoyed a refreshing glass of beer before walking the last few blocks to our hotel. We have laid over a day just to enjoy the city. Most of our lay day was spent roaming amongst all things Roman. This city has a treasure trove of Roman ruins that both amaze and delight all who come here to visit. Tomorrow we are off to Aljucén to spend the night and then on to Aldea de Cano before arriving in Cáceres on Sunday for two nights. It has been a fun restful break but we are also ready to move on. Rain is back in the forecast for tomorrow. It’s all good.

On the way from Torremejía to Mérida

The muddy bit

Roman bridge Mérida
Relaxing in the Plaza de España
Home for two nights
Temple of Diana
Gladiator contests, including women at one point
The Roman Theater as it once was
And now today

The storks love it

Puente de Lusitania Bridge in Mérida

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