Our final stop, Lisbon

We are just finishing up a wonderful 3 night stay in Lisbon. We prowled around the city and spent a day out in Sintra. Gobbled down great seafood and enjoyed wonderful wine as well. Managed a lot of walking so the waistline hasn’t taken too bad a hit. The weather has been sunny and seasonably cool, but very pleasant for managing the hills. Off to Amsterdam tomorrow and home the next day. Cheers for now.

Our hotel near the river

A little time by the sea

Having left Granada in cold windy weather we anticipated better weather in Malaga. As it worked out we still had breezy conditions, but warmer temperatures, when we stepped off the ALSA bus, and thankfully no rain. Over time the windy conditions moderated and the blessed sunshine warmed us as we explored the old city. It has been great fun catching up with friends from Santiago who have been sheltering here for a bit of the winter. It has been a wonderful whirlwind tour of churches, restaurants, bars, narrow pedestrian alleys, many good chats, lots of laughs, and even a beautiful seafront walk, where the blue Mediterranean sea competed with the azure sky for best of blue of the day. It was all a great joyful experience for Robin and I, thanks largely to the warm hospitality of our two good friends from Santiago. Gracias amigos. Off to Lisbon in the morning and then home to a snowstorm on Saturday. Ugh….But, for now think Spring like conditions in Malaga and let a smile 😊 break through. Malaga will have that effect on you. It certainly did for us.

A side trip to Granada (Andalucía)

We sadly left Santiago last Thursday to continue visiting friends and exploring new areas. Our first stop has been in Granada where we have expat friends from Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, they live up in the Sierra Nevada mountains and local weather prevented us from connecting. Instead we decided to visit the Alhambra, an Arab fortification and a later palace, which was completed for the Sultan of Grenada in 1333. It is a stunningly beautiful study of Arabic architecture, design, and art. It is all set in beautiful gardens that were not as striking in early February as they would be in the Spring and Summer. But, still worth a visit as the throngs of tourists attested to. Off by bus to Malaga (and warmer, dryer weather 😊) at noon tomorrow.

Hotel courtyard